"It's the Shiz Nick!" Classic Nickelodeon tribute show

Next Friday April 19th the "I am 8-Bit" gallery in Los Angeles will debut it's newest gallery show "It's the Shiz Nick!". This is a tribute show celebrating the classic Nickelodeon shows and characters that had an impact on us. The link to the show is below. There are a ton of great artists and artwork created for this show. If you are in the area and can swing by I highly recommend it. My piece is inspired by "Spongebob Squarepants" This show immediately got my attention from the very first season. It was the first cartoon in many years that reminded of the cartoons I watched on Saturday mornings growing up. Not so much in look or design but more in the flavor and feeling you get from watching it. Great characters, silly physical humor and memorable moments. The concept for my piece started from watching a documentary on giant squids. I love the idea of these large creatures living under the sea and thought it would be funny if one of them was Squidward.



At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Paul Greenwood said...

Hope there will be some Artwork Based on, "You Cant Do that o Television". I Have he Part Art version of you, that we Talked about at fundays in San Diego Last Year, Email me at emvuli@me.com so i can Find out how to get it to you
Paul Greenwood

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Jen Gubicza said...

So good! I love the way you broke up the greens & blues in the water.

At 6:58 AM, Anonymous Ron said...

That's hilarious!


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